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How Long Does It Take for Testosterone Pills to Work?

News & Observer - 9/9/2022

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Testosterone pills take around three to six weeks to improve your quality of life when consumed. However, for a significant improvement in the quality of life, it may take longer depending on the health issue being treated [1][2].

Some of the health issues addressed by testosterone pills and the time you should expect to start seeing the results are as follows:

How Long Does It Take for Testosterone Pills to Work for Depression/Mental Health?

For mental health, testosterone pills can take about three to six weeks to eliminate some symptoms of depression. However, they can take up to 18 to 30 weeks to show significant improvement.

How Long Does It Take for Testosterone Pills to Work for Sexual Dysfunction?

It may only take three weeks after taking testosterone pills to begin experiencing changes in your sexual drive. The changes steadily improve up to the sixth week, after which the effect on sex drive stabilizes when you maintain the dose.

However, erection firmness and ejaculation come with long-term use. To be precise, you will take testosterone for six months to begin experiencing effects on erections (firmness) and ejaculations.

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How Long Does It Take for Testosterone Pills to Work for Body Fat and Bone Density?

Testosterone helps increase lean body mass and muscle strength. The changes in your body mass, fat, and muscle strength should begin to show up within the 12th to 16th week. The effect, however, stabilizes from six months to a year.

Bone density changes usually take around six months to be detected. The effect gradually increases for at least three years.The process of bone density development is slow, especially for older adults, so the effect takes a little longer.

How Long Does It Take for Testosterone Pills to Work for Diabetes Symptoms?

Testosterone pills can help improve insulin sensitivity, which can be noticed after a few days. However, you must continue taking your diabetes medication even if your health improves. You should check with your doctor to determine if you need a change in the dosage.

What Happens When I Don’t See Results?

If you wait for several weeks or months without seeing the results, you should consult with your doctor. Don’t change the dosage or stop taking the pills without consulting your doctor.

Every adult responds to these supplements differently and the time taken to experience the changes varies. This is because several factors the time needed for testosterone formulas to work.

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3 Factors Affecting Testosterone Supplement Effectiveness

The time taken for someone to heal when taking testosterone pills can depend on:



Testosterone Inhibitors

1. Age

Older people usually have slower physiological processes. Therefore, the body will take longer to produce testosterone from the pills taken. Younger adults can synthesize and have results much faster than older adults [3].

2. Dosage

The person consuming more dosage is likely to experience the effects faster than someone taking a lower dosage. More dosage means the required ingredient for the body to produce testosterone is supplied in large quantities. However, you must stick to your doctor’s prescription [4].

3. Testosterone Inhibitors

The presence of testosterone inhibitors in your blood will hinder normal hormone functions. This means you will take longer to experience changessince more of this hormone will be needed to achieve the desired results [4].


The time it takes for testosterone pills to work may vary from person to person, depending on different factors. You should expect to experience a change in the quality of life within a few weeks to months, depending on what you are treating. If you don’t see any difference after long use, consult your doctor.

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