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In Home Addiction Treatment - Connecticut and New Hampshire

Author: Maks_Aware (Connecticut)
Posted: 06/15/2018 @ 7:47 am

Hello everyone,

    Wanted to introduce a new service helping individuals recover in their own home throughout the entire state of Connecticut and New Hampshire.

Aware Recovery Care (ARC) delivers an intensive, In-Home Addiction Treatment program for individuals seeking recovery from alcohol and/or other substances.  ARC helps people "Recover Where You Live" with an emphasis on the home or transitional living environment, unique family dynamic and the larger community around the individual.  Each client receives direct care from a psychiatric professional, a Registered Nurse or Social Worker, a licensed family therapist and two (2) certified recovery advisors (CRA) who meet with the client in the homes around their schedules for up to a year.  The core team addresses the medical, emotional and mental health issues required to maintain sobriety and achieve recovery.

ARC's clients also receive day to day guidance from the multi-disciplinary team while engaging in a structured, 52 week bio-psychosocial curriculum.  The psychiatric profession evaluates the client for any underlying mental health issues and, when appropriate, utilize medication.  The registered nurse or social worker provides care coordination and helps the client navigate the medical landscape.  The licensed marriage and family therapist works with the family unit to both strengthen the support system and increase accountability for the client.  The CRA's assist the client to navigate the available support structures in the community.  

This patient-centered, medical and home-based program is designed to ensure compliance and engagement, prevent relapses and re-admissions to a higher level of care.  ARC also offers each client the possibility of receiving longer term recovery care while maintaining their privacy and meeting their day to day responsibility such as work, school, and their families.