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90minutes Online Webinar on 2018 HIPAA Privacy Officer Training - Module 1&2 - Mon, May 07, 2018

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Posted: 04/25/2018 @ 3:35 am

Course Title:  2018 HIPAA Privacy Officer Training - Module 1&2

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Course Description: HIPAA Privacy Officer Training will uncover all HIPAA and HITECH expectations in protecting patient and member's right to privacy and the confidentiality of Protected Health Information (PHI) as you engage in treatment, payment, and healthcare operations (TPO) services.

Why should you Attend?: HIPAA requires that your organization have a Privacy Officer. Do you know if your privacy program is ready and fully compliant with the HIPAA Privacy Rule? Do you want to ensure that you are ready for the next round of federal HIPAA Audits? The fact is, privacy programs lack the complete and accurate assessment, and many do not conduct HIPAA Training.

        New federal laws and regulations are raising the bar in healthcare to protect patient's rights in privacy. With the new round of government audits many practices are not prepared and face high fines and penalties.

        This HIPAA Privacy Officer Training will provide a comprehensive overview of the HIPAA Privacy Officers responsibilities and an in-depth road map of best practices. This HIPAA Privacy Officer training will include HIPAA required privacy policies and procedures needed for compliance. You will walk away with a thorough understanding on how to administer a successful privacy program.

Areas Covered:

  • Breach Notification
  • Designated Record Set
  • Determination, Use of Disclosures of De-Identified Information
  • Fundraising under HIPAA Privacy Standards/HITECH
  • Hybrid Entity
  • Privacy Complaint Process
  • Sanctions for Privacy and Information Security Violations
  • When an authorization to use or disclose PHI is not required
  • Use and disclosures of PHI in Patient Care
  • Use and Disclosures Required by Law
  • Verification of Requestor

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