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my son chrisstopher Vigliecca

Author: Anonymous (Riverside County)
Posted: 04/11/2017 @ 10:49 pm
I hope that someone in the Santa clara county via Los Gatos, San Jose, and all behavior health services will see this posting. This is a description of my son since I saw him last on April 8th Saturday 2017. Christopher is 5 feet 9 inches tall. Weight is about 140lbs Short wavy hair, light brown. Blue eyes, Very beautiful white teeth smile Has rather a red rash or sunburn all over his face and skin is very dry . He is wearing a feather down puffy jacket long sleeve navy blue, a gray scarf, and Gray Beannie cap. has a navy blue hoodie sweatshirt underneath his navy blue jacket, White and very raggy dirty long pants that just hand on him he is so skinny and thin. He may be wearing navy blue straight leg jeans new ones I bought for him, New black slip on shoes. He is carrying a forest green nylon bag with a red sleeping bag inside with a lite weight red and black checkard blanket inside. Has a new black bag pack on his back with new clothes I got for him. Is carrying a bag of food non parrishable stuff to eat if he is hungry. My son walks with a limp due to his severe arthritis in both his knees that are very severly swollen and deformed from his arthritis. He has nobody, he has no place to live or anything. He was suppose to go into the Mission Oaks hospital on Saturday and be evaluated, yet left after registerd and never was admitted in this hospital. he was suppose to go to a behavior health intake apt. on April 10th Monday @ 11 o clock am and be in the inpatient program, but never made it. I called the ER at Mission Oaks hospt of Los gatos Ca, they did not have him there. I called several times to the behavioral health intake ladies Barbara and Judy to see if he had showed up he still never showed up. He told me he wanted to go back to Arizona cotton wood again, yet he had no plan as to what he would be doing if he made it there. He has a mental illness that needs to be addressed by someone whom can give him the help, and yet Christopher doesn't think he has an illness, yet he truly does. He has told me all he needs is Jesus and for me to have peace and for god to bless me as his mom, That is fine, but this will not alone keep him safe and out of being vulnerable to getting hurt. I am really afraid for him, yet he is not, and this could get him into real trouble, or taken advantage of by anyone out there as he walks the streets Of San Jose or Los Ga tos or Santa Clara . I hope he has found a behavioral health clinic somewhere in San Jose a new one I was told about at Bascom Medical, to get help he so needs as I have been in worry since Saturday when I dropped him off . If you have seen my son, please email me at and let me know if you have any information reguarding where he has disappeared to again. Thank you so very much for reading my postings and this current post reguarding Christopher Vigliecca a mom whom will always worry for the safety and well being of my son, though there is nothing I can do. I am