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How can I talk to someone who is actually going to do something

Author: Anonymous (Clearfield County)
Posted: 04/10/2017 @ 7:32 pm
My girlfriends siblings are in a horrible situation with drug addict parents, who call them names, never has food in the house. Me and my girlfriend have taken care of them the best we can . They're ages 15, 10, 8. We've talked to cys and they have done NOTHING but make all of this worse . I'm sick and tired of nothing being done. The kids cry to me about wanting to be with us, and how much they hate they're home life. The kids tell cys what's happening and cys goes back to the parents and tells them EVERYTHING the kids have said, and all they say is "no they're lying, the oldest is a problem child and causes all of this." I have been around this family for 2 years now and I can no longer handle this. I will start to report this facility for not doing they're damn job. I either get help or I report all of this to anyone I can . I'm sick of these kids getting mistreated.
Author: Anonymous (Riverside County)
Posted: 04/25/2017 @ 9:21 pm
I am so sorry for your situation. I would keep on calling CPS Child Protective Services in your county and keep telling them what is going on eventually they are going to have to go out there. Call the police, make a report, and have them help get an investigation started at the home of these parents whom are neglecting and mistreating these kids. My heart just goes out to you hun and I will pray for the safety and well being of this family you so have tried helping over the last two years. Do not give up hope, for good things to take place for this family especially the children. Be sure to take care of your own health, for stress can make a person sick and you need to be strong for them, but your health is important as well ya know? Keep calling CPS or any other organizations or resourses you can find to help advocate for the well being and safety of children. I know right now you want to give up, you have had it, but just pray, have faith and know that good will prevail in the in the big picture of what you are trying to do. I wish you the most best luck and prayers ever for your situation. Sherryl of California