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my son christopher vigliecca with Bio polar snyndrome

Author: Anonymous (Riverside County)
Posted: 03/20/2017 @ 8:12 pm
My son Christopher has disappeared from the path over ten days ago, He was seen on the ramp of I-10 ramp hitch hiking with a sign that said he was going West. My son has a mental Illness that he can completely hide if one does not know him. He still has housing with The path full body services for young adults with mental disabilities. I was told that Christopher once in a while leaves for days at a time to go and preach the word of the lord. He thinks he is a messenger of Christ. I also as told that eventually he does return to the path to live. I am nervouse that something terrible has happened to him for there are bad people in the world whom could harm someone as my son. There are murderers roaming the country that look for someone like my son, and this iam scared for my sons well being. If you have seen my son, whom is about 5"9 140 lbs blue eyes, a good looking kid, and long curly medium brown hair please email me as soon as possible If you see him on the highway interstate I-10 please help him get back to the path where many are hoping for his return to be safe and get more help. Please email me at with any kinds up detailed update. Thank you so very much.