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Missing daughter with mental health condition since November 21st from CT

Author: Anonymous (State of Connecticut)
Posted: 01/30/2017 @ 9:45 am
My daughter, Emily Carrie Kutz, who is 22 years old, has been missing since November 21st from her home town of Canton, CT. She has no ID, no cell phone or money. She has hitchhiked across the States Solo twice in the past. She has been diagnosed with bi-polar/psychosis and hospitalized twice but refuses to take medication. She has been listed as a "missing person"/Silver Alert by Canton CT police dept. on December 6th. She was believed to have been seen in the Visitor's center in South Padre Island, TX on January 6th and the police there contacted me and also listed her as missing/Silver Alert/FOX Local news. Unfortunately, there has been no other sightings or contact with her. I am desperately concerned for her safety and well being and as a mother you can only imagine the thoughts and fears that go through my head on a daily/nightly basis. If anyone has any suggestions/can assist me in anyway I would so appreciate it!