Mental Health Disorders

Depression, Personality Disorders, More

Alzheimer’s Association, Connecticut Chapter
Dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for all persons affected by Alzheimer's disease and related disorders through comprehensive educational programs, compassionate services, access to resources and support for research. Add To Favorites

Brain Injury Association of Connecticut
Supports persons with brain injury and their families by promoting services to facilitate full inclusion within their local community, and to increase awareness and understanding of brain injury and its prevention through community education. Add To Favorites

Connecticut Families for Effective Treatment of Autism
Provides information and resources that enable families to evaluate and compare the effectiveness of current treatment approaches. Also provides support to families seeking or implementing behavioral intervention programs and works to expand the availability of high quality professional services by supporting education and training opportunities in applied behavior analysis. Add To Favorites

Healthnet: Connecticut Consumer Health Information Network
Provides a free, customized consumer health research service for Connecticut residents. Call (860) 679-4055 to request a packet of information tailored to your health questions. Web site links to recommended Web sites on subjects such as mental health, navigating the health care system, children's health, patient advocacy and others. Add To Favorites

Kids Mental Health Info.Com
A resource for CT parents, caregivers, policymakers, neighbors, and any other colleagues who care for their kids and need a place to find accurate and understandable information on problems ranging from depression to trauma to phobias to ADHD. Add To Favorites

University of Connecticut Department of Psychiatry
Provides clinical treatment, community outreach, and assessment services to the people of Connecticut. Also provides public research treatment programs aimed at improving mental conditions. Add To Favorites