Co-Occurring Disorders

Information and resources for dual diagnoses and co-occurring disorders

Advocacy Unlimited
Offers education in self, systems, and legislative advocacy skills for persons with, or in recovery from, psychiatric disabilities or co-occurring disorders. Add To Favorites

Connecticut Clearinghouse: Co-Occurring Disorders
The more you know about co-occurring disorders, the more you will see how substance abuse can go hand-in-hand with another psychiatric condition. As with any illness, a person with co-occurring disorders can improve once proper care is given. By seeking out information, you can learn to recognize the signs and symptoms of co-occurring disorders - and help someone live a healthier, or more fulfilling life. Add To Favorites

Connecticut Community for Addiction Recovery
By promoting recovery from alcohol and other drug addiction through advocacy, education and service, CCAR strives to end discrimination surrounding addiction and recovery, open new doors and remove barriers to recovery, maintain and sustain recovery regardless of the pathway, all the while ensuring that all people in recovery, and people seeking recovery, are treated with dignity and respect. Add To Favorites

Connecticut Department of Mental Health Co-Occurring Disorders Initiative
Provides information and resources for Connecticut residents suffering from co-occurring disorders. Add To Favorites