Developmental Disabilities

Autism spectrum disorders; metabolic and degenerative disorders, More

Arc of Connecticut
Advocates for having people with mental retardation fully participate in civil, social, educational, health and employment activities in the communities in which they reside, with the opportunity to grow to their fullest potential in every way. Add To Favorites

Advocacy Unlimited
Improves the quality of life for all persons with or in recovery from psychiatric disabilities through education in self, systems, and legislative advocacy skills. Add To Favorites

Connecticut Families for Effective Treatment of Autism
Provides information and resources that enable families to evaluate and compare the effectiveness of current treatment approaches. Also provides support to families seeking or implementing behavioral intervention programs and works to expand the availability of high quality professional services by supporting education and training opportunities in applied behavior analysis. Add To Favorites

Disability Rights Connecticut
Provides information, referral, and advocacy services as well as pursues legal and administrative remedies on behalf of people with disabilities who experience disability-related discrimination. Add To Favorites