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Affordable Care Act, VA, and You
The Affordable Care Act, also known as the health care law, was created to expand access to coverage, control health care costs and improve health care quality and care coordination. The health care law does not change VA health benefits or Veterans’ out-of-pocket costs. Add To Favorites

AIDS Malignancy Consortium (AMC)
A National Cancer Institute-supported clinical trials group that supports innovative trials for AIDS-associated malignancies, and is committed to enhancing therapeutic options for patients with AIDS-associated malignancies. Add To Favorites

American Cancer Society’s Tobacco and Cancer Section
Information about the harmful effects of tobacco, quitting tips, smoking legislation, and risks for children and teens. Add To Favorites

American Childhood Cancer Organization
Works to provide information and support for children and adolescents with cancer and their families, to provide grassroots leadership through advocacy and awareness, and to support research leading to a cure for all children diagnosed with this life-threatening disease. Add To Favorites

American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists
Lists national officers, scope of practice, governance structure, bylaws, committee descriptions, code of ethics, committees and councils, meetings calendar and contact information. Add To Favorites

American Dietetic Association
American Dietetic Association serves the public by promoting optimal nutrition, health, and well-being. Add To Favorites

American Fibromyalgia Syndrome Association (AFSA)
A nonprofit organization dedicated to funding research that accelerates the pace of medical discoveries to improve the quality of life for patients with fibromyalgia, an extremely painful, fatiguing, and often debilitating medical condition that affects 3-5% of the population. Add To Favorites

Bright Futures
Bright Futures is a national health promotion initiative dedicated to the principle that every child deserves to be healthy and that optimal health involves a trusting relationship between the health professional, the child, the family, and the community as partners in health practice. Add To Favorites

Building Blocks
Where parents, caregivers, and teachers of children aged 3 to 6 can find lots of great tips, materials, and ideas for spending time with their children and learning together. Add To Favorites

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDCP)
The CDC is committed to achieving true improvements in people’s health. To do this, the agency is defining specific health impact goals to prioritized and focus its work and investments and measure progress. Add To Favorites

    CDCP Breastfeeding Section
    CDC is committed to increasing breastfeeding rates throughout the US and to promoting optimal breastfeeding practices. This goal can be achieved by supporting breastfeeding mothers, their families, communities, employers, and health care providers by providing education, training, funding, technical assistance, and research. Add To Favorites

    National Center for Environmental Health (NCEH)
    CDC’s NCEH strives to promote health and quality of life by preventing or controlling those diseases or deaths that result from interactions between people and their environment. Add To Favorites

    National Prevention Information Network
    Provides the US reference, referral, and distribution services for information on HIV/AIDS, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), and tuberculosis (TB). The Network produces, collects, catalogs, processes, stocks, and disseminates materials and information on HIV/AIDS, STDs, and TB to organizations and people working in those disease fields in international, national, state, and local settings. Add To Favorites

    Office on Smoking Health (OSH) – Tobacco Information and Prevention Source (TIPS)
    OSH is responsible for leading and coordinating strategic efforts aimed at preventing tobacco use among youth, promoting smoking cessation among youth and adults, protecting non smokers from environmental tobacco smoke, and eliminating tobacco-related health disparities. Add To Favorites

    Suicide Prevention
    Offers fact sheets, resources, and program activity guides to raise understanding and awareness of suicide prevention. Add To Favorites

Child Trauma Academy
The mission of the Academy is to help improve the lives of traumatized and maltreated children. The Academy strives to improve the systems that educate, nurture, protect and enrich these children through education, service delivery, and program consultation. Add To Favorites

Child Welfare Information Gateway
Child Welfare Information Gateway provides access to information and resources to help protect children and strengthen families. Add To Favorites

Color Me Healthy
A program developed to reach children ages four and five with fun, interactive learning opportunities on physical activity and healthy eating. Add To Favorites

Dole 5 a Day
Dole Food Company’s 5 a Day Program is recognized in the US and throughout the world as a leader in children’s nutrition education and the 5 a Day for Better Health Program. Add To Favorites

Offers health, medical and drug information from reference textbooks, medical journals, and drug-prescribing information approved by the FDA. Add To Favorites

Families USA
A national nonprofit, non-partisan organization dedicated to the achievement of high-quality, affordable health care for all Americans. Add To Favorites

Glaucoma Foundation
Works to fund cutting-edge research and educational outreach into sight-saving breakthroughs that will improve the quality of life for current and future generations by supporting and promoting innovative scientific study as well as encouraging collaborations among researchers in different fields and laboratories. Add To Favorites

Health Care 411
Provides weekly audio and video programs feature the latest research findings from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. Add To Favorites

Seeks to empower people to improve and take control of their health and well-being, and provides clinical resources and real-life support to those with life-changing conditions. Add To Favorites

Provides relevant and accurate content to promote a healthy lifestyle and facilitate disease prevention, as well as offering clinically significant, medically reviewed information for those who are seeking answers to their health questions. Add To Favorites

Indian Health Service
Seeks to raise the physical, mental, social, and spiritual health of American Indians and Alaska Natives to the highest level. Add To Favorites

Johns Hopkins School of Public Health
The Johns Hopkins School of Public Health is dedicated to the education of research scientists and public health professionals–a process linked to the discovery and application of new knowledge and, through these activities, to the improvement of health and prevention of disease and disability around the world. Add To Favorites

Kick Butts Day
Kick Butts Day is the campaign for Tobacco Free Kids’ annual celebration of youth advocacy, leadership and activism. Add To Favorites

Kids With Food Allergies
A nationwide nonprofit organization that offers online food allergy support groups for families raising children with food allergies. Add To Favorites

LaLeche League International
LaLeche League’s mission is to help mothers worldwide to breastfeed through mother-to-mother support, encouragement, information, and education, and to promote a better understanding of breastfeeding as an important element in the healthy development of the baby and mother. Add To Favorites

Let's Move
The Let’s Move! campaign, started by First Lady Michelle Obama, has an ambitious national goal of solving the challenge of childhood obesity within a generation so that children born today will reach adulthood at a healthy weight. Let’s Move! will combat the epidemic of childhood obesity through a comprehensive approach that will engage every sector impacting the health of children and will provide schools, families and communities simple tools to help kids be more active, eat better, and get healthy. Add To Favorites

Medical Dictionary Online
A free online medical dictionary search engine for definitions of medical terminology, pharmaceutical drugs, healthcare equipment, health conditions, medical devices, specialty terms and medical abbreviations. Add To Favorites

Medical Malpractice Help
Offers information on medical and pediatric malpractice, medical misdiagnosis, state malpractice laws and legal options. Add To Favorites

Medline Plus
Brings together authoritative information from NLM, the National Institutes of Health (NIH), and other government agencies and health-related organizations. Preformulated MEDLINE searches are included in MedlinePlus and give easy access to medical journal articles. MedlinePlus also has extensive information about drugs, an illustrated medical encyclopedia, interactive patient tutorials, and latest health news. Add To Favorites

    Medical Dictionary
    MedlinePlus brings together authoritative information from NLM, the National Institutes of Health (NIH), and other government agencies and health-related organizations. Preformulated MEDLINE searches are included in MedlinePlus and give easy access to medical journal articles. MedlinePlus also has extensive information about drugs, an illustrated medical encyclopedia, interactive patient tutorials, and latest health news. Add To Favorites

    Mental Health and Behavior
    Listing of mental and behavioral health conditions. Add To Favorites

National Association of Community Health Centers
To address the widespread lack of access to basic health care, Community Health Centers serve 18 million people at more than 7,000 sites located throughout all 50 states and U.S. territories. Add To Favorites

National Capital Poison Center
Works to prevent poisonings, save lives, and limit injury from poisoning. In addition to saving lives, the Center decreases health care costs of poisoning cases. Add To Favorites

National Environmental Health Association (NEHA)
NEHA’s mission is to advance the environmental health and protection professional for the purpose of providing a healthful environment for all. Add To Favorites

National Fibromyalgia Association
Seeks to develop and execute programs dedicated to improving the quality of life for people with fibromyalgia through assistance to local support groups, information and education. Add To Favorites

National Health Information Center (NHIC)
NHIC is a health information referral service. NHIC puts health professional and consumers who have health questions in touch with those organization that are best able to provide answers. Add To Favorites

National Library of Medicine
The world's largest medical library, the Library collects materials in all areas of biomedicine and health care, as well as works on biomedical aspects of technology, the humanities, and the physical, life, and social sciences. The collections stand at more than 9 million items--books, journals, technical reports, manuscripts, microfilms, photographs and images. Add To Favorites

National Women’s Health Information Center (NWHIC)
National Women’s Health Information Center works to improve the health and well-being of women and girls in the US through its innovative programs, educating health professionals, and motivating behavior change in consumers through the dissemination of health information. Add To Favorites

Nutrition for Kids
Nutrition for Kids, a web site by 24 Carrot Press, is innovative and fun nutrition resources aimed at educators, parents, and those who care about children’s health. Add To Favorites

Parent’s Action for Children
Parent’s Action is a public awareness and engagement campaign to make early childhood development a national priority, emphasizing the importance of the first three years of life. Add To Favorites

Planned Parenthood
Promotes a commonsense approach to women’s health and well-being, based on respect for each individual’s right to make informed, independent decisions about sex, health, and family planning. Add To Favorites

Quit Smokeless
Information and support for smokeless tobacco users. Add To Favorites

QuitNet is a program of Axia. Axia is in the business of helping people live healthier lives through making positive lifestyle changes and accomplishing goals they never thought possible. Add To Favorites

Rural Health Research
This website has abstracts of both current and completed research projects addressing issues such as rural health quality and behavioral health-related publications and information about the researchers and research centers. Add To Favorites

Safe Computing Tips
Provides ergonomic tips and guidelines for safety and injury prevention while working at an office or home computer workstation. Illustrates simple and inexpensive principles that help create a safe and comfortable workstation environment. Add To Favorites

Society for Adolescent Health
A multi-disciplinary organization of health professionals who are committed to advancing the health and well-being of adolescents. Through education, research, clinical services, and advocacy activities, members of the Society for Adolescent Medicine strive to enhance public and professional awareness of adolescent health issues among families, educators, policy makers, youth-serving organizations, students who are considering a health career as well as other health professionals. Add To Favorites

Spina Bifida Resource Network
Works as a source of support and information, and seeks to empower the lives of people living with spina bifida through direct family support service programs, advocacy and providing information about folic acid’s role in the prevention of spina bifida. Add To Favorites

U.S. Breastfeeding Committee (USBC)
The USBC is a collaborative partnership of organizations. The mission of the committee is to protect, promote and support breastfeeding in the US. Add To Favorites

U.S. Department of Agriculture Food and Nutrition Information Center
The Food and Nutrition Information Center is a leader in on-line global nutrition information. Add To Favorites

U.S. Department of Agriculture Food Stamp Program
The Program is the cornerstone of the Federal food assistance programs, and provides crucial support to needy households and to those making the transition from welfare to work. Add To Favorites

U.S. Health Resources and Services Administration
The primary Federal agency for improving access to health care services for people who are uninsured, isolated or medically vulnerable. Add To Favorites

VA Caregiver Support
The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) offers assistance to caregivers. Caregivers provide a valuable service for Veterans and are "partners" with VA in providing excellent health care. Caregivers allow Veterans to remain in their own home and also play an important role in supporting Veterans who are hospitalized or living outside their home. Add To Favorites

VA Health Benefits Explorer
Provides an interactive, in-depth way to discover what benefits are available to you. (Affordable Care Act) Add To Favorites