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feeling good medication

Author: Anonymous (Merced County)
Posted: 01/19/2018 @ 10:46 pm
not to take medicine to get high, but medicine to feel normal, happy, so that WE can live normally, we just don't feel well, sorta like extreme loneliness. AND we are different so allow us to do different than you or others. We ALSO feel like we are in hate land and things that were funny to us too before are NOT funny NOW, you guys live off on jokes. And THAT bothers us too. a song: some people believe life is but a joke, but we been through that. jimi Hendrix. WE want to feel good. like shown in having depression or bi-polar disorder, even schizophrenic. They DO have medicine we CAN feel good by. And to MY dad he thought his eyes were playing tricks on him, to me things actually changed I was that aware, like dreaming in a dead world. we are like live in a magic kingdom which keeps us back from living our lives normally. thinking everything is two ways, like radio and t.v. but finding out they are only computers fooling us, cause I cannot connect to ABC in new York instantly, it is cause the t.v. is centered in what is going on around IT. a darn computer, not even contacting fifth street downtown.