HB 7302

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Author: Public Health Committee

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House of Representatives

January Session, 2019

Substitute House Bill No. 7302

House of Representatives, April 17, 2019

The Committee on Public Health reported through REP. STEINBERG of the 136th Dist., Chairperson of the Committee on the part of the House, that the substitute bill ought to pass.


Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives in General Assembly convened:

1Section 1. (Effective July 1, 2019) The Department of Public Health, in

2consultation with the Department of Mental Health and Addiction

3Services and the Connecticut State Medical Society, shall study the

7telehealth, as defined in section 19a-906 of the general statutes, in the

8state without requiring that the psychologist be licensed pursuant to

9chapter 383 of the general statutes, and (2) a psychologist licensed

10pursuant to chapter 383 of the general statutes to practice telehealth in

11another state that participates in said compact without requiring that

12the psychologist be licensed in such state. On or before January 1, 2020,

13the Commissioner of Public Health shall report, in accordance with the

14provisions of section 11-4a of the general statutes, to the joint standing

15committee of the General Assembly having cognizance of matters

16 relating to public health on the results of such study.

This act shall take effect as follows and shall amend the following sections:

Statement of Legislative Commissioners:

In Section 1, "thereby permitting" was changed to "which would permit" for clarity.

PH Joint Favorable Subst. -LCO

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OFA Fiscal Note

State Impact: None

Municipal Impact: None


The bill, which requires the Department of Public Health to study the implications of Connecticut ratifying and approving the Psychology Interjurisdictional Compact, is not anticipated to result in a fiscal impact to the State or municipalities. As required, the agency has the expertise to complete this study by 1/1/20.

The Out Years

State Impact: None

Municipal Impact: None

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Public Health Committee

Joint Favorable

Yea 24 Nay 0 (04/01/2019)